Black Pete is a antagonist in Disney's comic books "Ultraheroes" and in some of the episodes of Mickey Mouse. He appears as a playable character in Disney Infinity. He has a Kingdom Hearts version,an Ultraheroes version and a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse version.


- Give me your money! Just kidding!

- I'll crush you, Mickey y fellas!

- Hey, Roller Dollar! What's up?


  • He unlocks his 2 version costume
  • He unlocks his 1 version costume
  • He unlocks the Bad - 7 building
  • He unlocks the Phantom Blot costume
  • He unlocks the Zafira costume


In the Ultraheroes version he hits with all his hands and has evil - guns. In all versions he has a short jump. In the second and third version he hits and kicks.



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