You are Donald Trump it is your first day as president and you wanna build a wall on the Mexican border, but the Californian liberals won't let you, so you go on a mission, to rid Texas and all areas near the Mexican border of drug lord's! You finally then build your wall, and finally face the liberal queen, Hilary Clinton.

A huge open world where you drive in an orange Jeep with a machine gun in the trunk, there is so many possibilities to do you can go destroy Taco Bell, Chipotle, Moe's any Mexican restraunt you want unless it is Chuy's, Chuy's is to good. You can also go get El Chapo. It is larger than the Avenger's playset but still smaller than Indiana Jones, this playset is as big as Fallout 4. If you want you can get every Democrat in the U.S.Aand lock them up, you can do the same with muslim's. The playset is about making the United States what it should be.

The game also adds new features like secret bosses Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and John Kasich. You can collect Trumpeon. There 150 to collect plus a secret one you can get with a glitch. The game is the biggest game ever now. Now you can go and shoot up all the liberals in Cali. Get the legendary Trumpeon, Trump Mew!

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