The Crash Bandicoot Playset is a Playset made for Disney Infinity 1337.0 edition. The Playset comes with new characters and powerdiscs. The starter pack comes with Crash, Coco, and Crunch


The story is that Dr. Neo Cortex is sending enemies from the Crash Bandicoot video games to destroy the world. You must use your characters, packs, tools, and imagination to save the world.


-Crash Bandicoot

-Coco Bandicoot

-Crunch Bandicoot

-Pasadena O' Possum

-Dr. Neo Cortex

-Dr. N. Gin

-Dr. Nefarious Tropy


-Nina Cortex


Pura Mount

Polar Mount

Baby T Mount

Wumpa Fruit Bazooka

Crash's House

ZCortex's Iceberg lab

Cortex's Raygun

N. Tropy's Staff

Dingodile's Flamethrower

Nina's Bionic Grapple Hand

Nitro Crate Launcher

Crash's Motorcycle

Cortex's Hoverboard

Coco's Laptop



Lab Assistant

Papu Papu

Shield Lab Assistant

Evil Crash

Ant Drone

Lightsaber Ant Drone

Big Ant Drone

Jetpack Ant Drone

Fire Ant Drone

Victor and Moritz

Blaster Lab Assistant

Space Pod Lab Assistant



N. Tropy

Time Bots


Ninja Penguins

N. Gin

N. Brio

Brio's Bouncy Slimes

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