Disney Infinity was one of the most Beloved but most Disney Video Games ever to bring toys to life in Video Games but in 2016 it was cancelled due to people losing their Jobs at Avalanche Software and the Closing of it which resulted of Avalanche Software being shut down but there is yet hope a Reboot of the Series itself as If Avalanche was replaced by Hasbro if people sign the petition to save The Disney Infinity Name if they do then the Series will come back. I'll do the Reboot my way with it being 4.0


Ever since the Series was put to a Close everyone comes back together but this time for a Disney Infinity Reboot and this time all Characters are in it Old Friends and New Ones and Brand New Adventures including a Toy Box Story Mode and Characters can level up to 50 with Newer Powers(For Example Simba's Proud Roar). But with Master Xehanort and Thanos uniting all Villains(Disney, Marvel, Pixar, 20th Century Fox and Lucasfilm) he plans to thwart all of the World of Infinity but Mickey and his Friends must bring all of the Heroes together to stop the Villains from threatening the World of Disney Infinity.

Starter Pack

Disney Infinity 4.0 Starter Pack(Belle, Jyn Erso & Sora) and the Starter Pack Playset(Beauty and the Beast 2017 Playset, Rouge One Playset & Kingdom Hearts III Playset)

Gaming Systems

Playstation 4

Nintendo Switch



Iphone(Ios) & Android

Apple TV

Release Date: October 1st 2017(USA), November 3rd 2017(Europe)

Playsets and Characters(Wave 1) & Power Disc Sets

Star Wars Rebels Playset(Hera Syndulla & Seventh Sister), (Ezra Kanan Zeb and Sabine Wren compatable in the Reboot Edition)

Ezra(Light FX)

Lando Calrissian

Simba & Nala(The Lion King Playset) with a Lion King Power Discs Pack(Broadway Simba & Roar of the Elders Event Disc)

Timon & Pumbaa


Oz the Great and Powerful Playset(Oscar Diggs & Glinda)

Theodora the Wicked Witch of the West

Evanora The Wicked Witch of the East

Thor Ragnarok Playset(Thor MCU & Heimdall)





Goofy(Comes With a Kingdom Hearts Costume Change Power Disc)


Elliott the Dragon

Peter Pan & Captain Hook(Classic Variant)


War Machine

Winter Soldier

Scarlet Witch

Doctor Strange

Maria Hill


Kingdom Hearts Power Disc Package

Beast (Based on Beauty and the Beast 2017)



Disney Heroes Power Disc Pack

Tarzan & Jane




Disney Villains Power Disc Pack

Bing Bong

Heroes vs Villains Toy Box Expansion Game

Cassian Andor


Captain Phasma

Disney Parks Takeover

Spider Gwen

Wolverine(Compatible with the Toy Box & Marvel Battlegrounds & Marvel Playset)



Wave 2 Characters and Playsets

Pirates of the Caribbean 5 Playset(Will Turner, Carina Smyth & Captain Salazar)(Jack Sparrow & Barbossa Compatable)

Fox And The Hound Playset(Tod and Copper)

Moana Playset(Moana & Maui)

Marvel Playset(Captain Marvel & Black Bolt)(All Marvel Characters from 2.0 and 3.0 are Compatible in the Playset)

Cars 3 Playset(Cruz Ramiez & Jackson Storm)


Cloak and Dagger

Wonder Man

Wilbur Robinson



Victor Frankenstein & Sparky




Moana Power Discs Pack

Once Upon a Time Playset(Emma Swan, Killian)

Snow White(OUAT)

Prince Charming(OUAT)

Regina(Evil Queen)

Mace Windu

Aayla Secura

Kit Fisto

Plo Kloon

Jake Long


Kim Possible(Disney Television Playset)

Ron Stoppable

Goliath the Gargoyle



Darkwing Duck


Lord Hater


Malroy(Mighty Ducks)

Darkwing Duck

Wave 3

Ariel & Prince Eric


Eugene Fitzherbert

Master Xehanort(The Main Antagonist of Disney Infinity)

Disney Princess Power Disc Pack

Once Upon a Time Power Disc Pack

Honey Lemon, Gogo Tomago, Wasabi, Fredzilla



Coco Playset(Miguel and Hector)






Mantis(GOTG Vol.2)

Luke Cage

Jessica Jones

Misty Knight

Colleen Wing

Wasp(Hope Van Dyne)






Maximus the Mad

Darth Sidious

General Grevious

Mal, Evie, Jay, Carlos


Hulk(12 Inch Figure)

Ghost Rider

Red Hulk


Gravity Falls Playset(Dipper & Mabel)

Ford Pines

Bill Cipher

Star Butterfly

Marco Diaz


Sofia the First

Princess Elena

Jake the Pirate

Chip & Dale(Rescue Rangers)

Wave 4


X-Men Playset (Cyclops and Jean Grey)










Homer Simpson and Bart Simpson (The Simpsons Playset)

Fantastic Four Playset (Mr Fantastic and Invisible Woman)


Human Torch

Dr Doom

Silver Surfer





Jake Sully



Anastasia (Anya)

Rose Tico

Indiana Jones


America Chavez

Squirrel Girl

Ms Marvel (Kamala Khan)


Kermit the Frog

Miss Piggy


Fozzie Bear




Roger Rabbit

Howard the Duck

Teaser Trailer

Narrator: You might have thought it was dead but now the Time has come for Disney Infinity to return.

The Keyblade being shown as Sora picks it up and the Infinity Wand

Rafiki-It is time

The Gameplay of Disney Infinity 4.0 being show.

Disney Infinity 4.0 title Shown

Everyone sees Sora with the Magic Wand

Joy-Who's he?

Buzz Lightyear-Looks like we have a visitor let's hope he comes in peace.

He apporaches the gang with Riku, Kairi, Lea, Terra, Roxas, Aqua, Ventus and Xion behind him and astonished by surprise



Trailer Narrator-Sora, Belle and Jyn Erso included in the Starter pack additional Characters sold separately.

Trailer #1

Trailer Narrator: Over the last four years there was Disney Infinity a game that let's players take Characters into new Worlds and imagine anything that you could create. Then in 2014 we brought the Marvel Superheroes to life in a brand new Experience to gamers around the world. And last two Years 3.0 was there and brought the Galaxy of Star Wars to life and it became the best game series the world has ever made of. But last year they shut it down and our Characters we're devastated Mickey and their friends are hopeless without Infinity and all worlds was lost. But now your favorite Characters are back in the new Saga of Infinity.

Master Xehanort-The World of Infinity will soon be ours and then the New Keyblade War shall be unleashed all over!

Then Sora shows up

Sora-Not on my watch


Maleficent-No it can't be

Riku-You're reign is over Xehanort

Master Xehanort-Grrr.

In 2017

Gameplay of Old and New Characters in Playsets and Toy Box/Toy Box Games

Wolverine attacking Heartless

Sora teaming up with Emma Swan

Simba using the Mighty Roar against Davy Jones's Crew

Wilbur Robinson, Goofy(In his Kingdom Hearts Costume) Hiro, Violet, Crystal(Inhumans) and Anna teaming up against Stormtroopers

Old Friends

Mickey Mouse-Good to see all of you guys

Simba-We're glad to join you guys


New Friends

Captain Marvel-Surprised

Moana-Here i come 

New Playsets(Thor Ragnarok, Oz, Rebels,  Fox and the Hound, New Marvel Playset, Moana, Coco, The Lion King, Once Upon a Time, Beauty and the Beast 2017, Dead Man Tell No tales, Kingdom Hearts III Playset(Work in Progress), Disney Television Animation Playset and Rogue One Playset footage)

New Adventures

Chicken Little-Come on gang we've got worlds to save

Iron Man-Wow

New Power Discs(Abilites, Costume Changes, Event Discs, Toys, Skydomes and Texture Sets

Meet the Robinsons Skydome and Texture Sets for example

Lewis, Joy, Belle(2017) Simba, Fear and Valkyrie in a Race

New Toy Box Games(Heroes vs Villains and Disney Parks Takeover)

Beast: This is something we feared the most

New Surprises

Darkwing Duck-Surprise we're here to save the day.

Kairi-Is this the World of Infinity?

Ariel-Oh my gosh

And a Brand New Toy Box Story Mode

Elsa in Tatooine 

Elsa-Whoa this place looks weird


Judy Hopps-And you we were Characters from last Year

Moana-Yeah in 2016

Ariel, Simba, Hiro, Lewis, Hercules, Aladdin, Captain America, Rey, Wolverine meeting up together

Yen Sid-You all are the key to defeat Xehanort and save all of Infinity.

Trailer Narrator-The time for Disney Infinity has Returned

Princess Elena-Glow!

Dr Strange defeating Hyenas(The Lion King)

Emma Swan attacking Heartless and Zurg's Robots

Sora facing Xehanort 

Wilbur Robinson blasting enemies with his Chargeball Glove

Trailer Narrator-Get ready for the Ultimate Battle between the Good and evil

The Heroes of Disney Infinity standing together forming a Triangle of a Mix of Heroes(Disney, Pixar, Lucasfilm and Marvel)(Referencing the Power Rangers/Super Sentai Heroes in a Triangle from The Legendary Battle(PRSM)/Great Legend War(SS) and Charged into battle

The Title is shown

Disney Infinity 4.0 Edition: The Return of Infinity.

Hercules-Yeah that was fun

Wolverine-Easy bub

Wilbur Robinson-All for one

Simba-And one for all

Jyn Erso-Well sounds like a reference

Mickey Mouse-Yep from the Three Musketeers Movie of ours


Trailer Narrator: Belle, Sora and Jyn Erso are included in the Starter Pack Additional Characters and Products sold Separately. Coming October 1st 2017.

Trailer #2

Showing the World of Infinity

Trailer Narrator: In a World they had come together in one epic Game then a Year later the Superheroes arrived to stop a Threat from destroying that world and three years ago the Galaxies need saving the world but now the World was lost and everyone died with it.

Donald Duck-We're done for

Aladdin-So no more Infinity.

Mickey Mouse-No there is a way we make a comeback.

Nick Fury-There was an Idea

Buzz Lightyear-To bring Together multiple groups of Remarkable people

Vision-To see if we could become something more

Thor-So when they need us we could fight the battles

Black Widow-That they never could

Disney, Lucasfilm, 20th Century Fox, Marvel and Pixar logos.

Master Xehanort-Your seven Lights just like my thirteen Darknesses whose final clash will beget the prize I seek. The X-Blade. I once tried to create my my own pure light and Darkness to forge the X-Blade but the attempt ended in Failure.

Peter Parker (AKA Spider-Man) sees Heartless invading the World of Infinity.


Ariel-Huh Gasps

Master Xehanort-Once the Light and Darknesses Colide all of the Worlds shall fall and then the Keyblade War shall begin as if the realms of Light will fall and Darkness will preveal

Master Xehanort comes out of the Portal


Yen Sid-We must gather all of our Allies to defeat Xehanort and the Other Villains that are trying to destroy the Worlds of Infinity and that's why you Mickey and Friends are the Ones to call upon all of your Friends to help save the World of Infinity and bring down Xehanort and the other Villains that are trying to destroy it all.

Mickey Mouse-And we know who all of the Heroes to call. Time to call The Disney Heroics and their Friends.

This Fall

Riku and Killian fighting off Heartless and Nobodies

Wolverine slashing down Davy Jones's Crew

Doctor Strange facing off against Mozenrath

Sora and Simba charging against Heartless

Mickey Mouse-Light!

Master Xehanort-Fun isn't something one considers the most but this does put a Smile on my Face

Silver Surfer-All that you know is at an end



Uatu the Watcher-I Can stand by and Watch no more The Future of your species is at stake

Moana-We're the only ones who can save the Worlds from Falling down by Xehanort

Mickey Mouse-And All of us are going to stop him

Narrator-This fall it's the Epic Return of your Favorite Heroes

Showing Mickey and their Friends from the Past 3 Disney Infinity Games and...

Trailer Narrator-And joining them is all of their Friends from Every Disney Universe for the First Time.

Simba-We're here to help you guys.

Mickey Mouse-What are we waiting For

Trailer Narrator-As they prepare for the Epic Showdown between all of the Villains

The Disney Heroes(Including all Marvel Heroes, Star Wars Heroes, Pixar Gang, The Heroes of Kingdom Hearts, Homer Simpson and His 20th Century Fox Friends(Anastasia, Manny, Sid, Diego, Blu, Nod ETC) and Indiana Jones) charging at the Armies of Darkness in a Epic Battle.

Agent P firing at Heartless

Ventus facing against Vanitas

Moana and Judy fighting off Nobodies

X-Men attacking at the Hyenas

Captain America and the Avengers fighting off the Outriders

Mickey and the gang leaping into action

Beast and Baymax fighting off Stormtroopers

Finn and Rose team up

Simba and Tarzan teaming up

America Chavez and Wasabi fighting off Nobodies

Hercules punching off Scroop

Sora unleashing the Disney Infinity 4.0 Logo: The Return of Infinity

Timon-Wait Disney Infinity is coming back? I thought it was dead


Wilbur Robinson-Yep for the 4th game that is.

Trailer Narrator: Sora, Belle and Jyn Erso included in the Starter Pack Additional Characters and content sold seperately.