Disney Infinity 4.0 Edition is the fourth game in the Disney Infinity series.




Toy Box Packs


Power Discs

  • Beast's Castle Grounds - Themes the terrain into Beauty and the Beast setting.
  • Dark Phoenix Rising - Jean Grey would wear her Dark Phoenix outfit
  • Elastigirl's Former Glory - Mrs. Incredible would wear her original Elastigirl outfit.
  • Gambit Team-Up - Team up with Gambit
  • Heavens of Olympus - Themes the sky into Hercules setting.
  • Helmet of Mandalore - Sabine Wren would wear her helmet.
  • Howls of the Beast - Themes the sky into Beauty and the Beast setting.
  • Kingdom Donald - Changes Donald Duck's costume into his outfit from Kingdom Hearts
  • Kingdom Goofy - Changes Goofy's costume into his outfit from Kingdom Hearts
  • Land of the Gods - Themes the terrain into Hercules setting.
  • Tinker Bell's Pixie Dust - Characters who are equipped with this will be able to fly.
  • Skies of Future Past - Themes the sky into the Days of Future Past setting.
  • Ruins of Future Past - Themes the terrain into the Days of Future Past setting.


The basic gameplay remains the same as the past three Disney Infinity editions. You still need to put figures on the base to control them and you need a play set to play through a story. Packs and Tools can be equipped to characters and you are still building toy boxes. There is still the skill trees. But what is new is that the second player can be controlled by the AI. When the second player is AI-controlled, he/she would follow the player around and help fight enemies. There is a new PVP Battle Mode, which pits players in a fight. If you can hook up two bases to the console, you can play with four players. The combat has been tweaked with emphasis on aerial combos.

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