Disney Infinity 50.0 Edition is the 50th installment in the Disney Infinity franchise. This was the point when they ran out of Disney stuff to add, so they asked people what characters to add in and every answer was added. All previous character figures work in this edition. The Disney Infinity 50.0 Starter pack includes the 4-Player base, a power disc, Dill Nye, Bonzi Buddy, John Egbert, and the Dill Nye play set.


Disney Infinity 50.0 has 5 playsets. Every character except Cortex and Dorito man is playable in every playset. The playsets include the Dill Nye playset, where you eat magical noodles and get the dong sword that you use to fight dong ninjas, the Bonzi world playset where you infect people's windows XPs with the power of spyware and DONG, the Homestuck playset where you play the sburb beta and do what the kids do at the beginning of the webcomic, the Jimmy Neutron playset where you use Dad's shotgun to destroy aggressive pizzas, and the caillou's cat playset where you fight evil clones of Caillou's Cat while trying to save Caillou.


Disney Infinity 50.0 introduces the following characters: Dill Nye, Bonzi Buddy, John Egbert, Gilbert, Jimmy Neutron, Wolf, Cortex, Dorito Man, and a Wolf

Power Discs


-Caillou Team Up

-Jimmy Johns Super Speed

-Dill Nye's Magicial Noodles

-Bonzi's Peedy Costume

-John Eggbert God Tier Costume

-Egbert's Cosbytop

-Potato Shield

-Little Dill Team Up

-Shrek Team Up

-Unkl Dolan's Voice



-Dill Nye's Sciency Bubble Sky

-Dill Nye's Dill Pickle Terrain

-Bonzi World Sky

-Bonzi World Banana Terrain

-Nutrin Household Walls Sky

-Nutrin Household Floor Terrain

-Gm_construct Sky

-Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff Sky

-Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff Terrain


-Jimmy Neutrons Robot Dog Mount

-Microsoft Sam's ROFLcopter

-Aggresive Pizza Hoverboard

-Gmod Bathtub Car Thing

-Portal Gun

-Caillou's Little Dinosaur Toy Mount

-POOTIS Bird Flying Mount

-Crash Bandicoot's Wumpa Fruit Bazooka

-Jack Noir's Demon Sword Thing

-Warhammer of Zillyhoo

-Spoderman Mask

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