Disney infinity 51.0 is the 51st installment in the Disney Infinity franchise. This version adds new "Dill Wars" playsets, which is like star wars but everyone has Dill Nye's face (as seen on Disney Infinity 50.0: Dill Nye's Adventures in Dill Land). This version, just like the previous added random internet characters that involve bad animation/CGI. The starter pack includes the game, the 4-player base, the DillLight of the Repubdill playset, and Anadill DillWalker.


Disney Infinity 51.0 brought back the 3.0 star wars playsets, except as mentioned before, everyone has Dill Nye's face. The Playsets include the Dilllight of the Repubdill Playset, the Rise Against the Dill Playset, and The Dill Awakens playset. Only Anadill Dillwalker, Darth Diller, Dill Nye (from 5.0), and Phil Nye can play in the playsets.


Disney Infinity 51.0 adds 6 new character figures, and all old ones work as well. The new ones are Anadill Dillwalker, Darth Diller, Microsoft Sam, Hugh Nutrin, and The Good Captain.

Power Discs

Coming Soon

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