Bill Cosby


Moes Figure


Shreks wonderful figure


Registeel figure in all it's glory


Timmy's Dad himself.


This is a penguins beautiful in-game model.

Timmy's Dad is Brutal (Little Dolphin Who Cried UURUHURGHGUHG)00:12

Timmy's Dad is Brutal (Little Dolphin Who Cried UURUHURGHGUHG)

One of Timmy's dads in game quotes.


Warios Figure

Write the first paragraph of your page here. Disney Infinity 4.0 Timmy's Dad edition is the fourth installment of the Disney Infinity franchise. In this game, all previous characters are compatible, except Hulk and Jasmine. Only eight characters are introduced. Timmy Turners dad, Wario, Shrek, Bill Cosby, Moe Syzslak, a penguin,Freddy from Icarly, and Registeel. This version includes eight power discs.


Only two Playsets are introduced. The chicken Little playset, and the Sharknado Playset. In the Chicken Little playset, Moe, Registeel, Timmy's Dad, and Shrek are allowed to play, and it has you running from Tetris blocks falling from the sky. You can unlock those blocks for the Toybox. In the Sharknado playset, it has you go through the events of the movie, but your character replaces Finn. In this playset, Wario, Bill Cosby, and Timmy's Dad can play. The sharknado, and that black guys pizza place can be unlocked in the playset for the Toybox. Note that Timmy's Dad is compatible with each playset, as this edition is named after him.

The Toybox

The two Toybox only characters are a penguin, and Freddy from Icarly. There character chest unlock:

PENGUIN: An ice cube tray, penguin townsperson skin

FREDDY: Carly towns person skin, Sam towns person skin, Freddy townsperson skin, and Squidward Townsperson skin.

And now, power discs. 0 for ability and X for square

0 Warios garlic breath

0 Dory Team up Disc

0 The number 7 team up disc

0 The grumpy cats no power

0 Carls llama stampede (event)

X a can of chef boyar dee

X The jet sons car thing

X Shreks swamp Background

Update: Hey, just found out /u/Pikawil made this! (Not specifically for this):

X Shreks swamp decor

X Fairy world sky

X Fairy world clouds

X Fat Alberts Junkyard Sky

X fat alerts junkyard items

X jaws mount

X A shopping cart

X Frumplequest's Slhcep

X President Buisness's Kragle Glue

That's it. I'm suprised your still reading. I want this game now. Bye. The end.

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