Gusteau's is a place in the Ratatoulie Playset. This is the place where the chefs cook.


Players can cook cake, burgers, spagetti, fish and soup.

When they cook something, a timer will pop up and count down. When the dish finishs cooking, a "DING!' will sound. If they go over to the stove, a green capsule will be there. When they collect it, they'll collect a dish.


There is a blue button with bubbles. If the player presses it, it will set off a chain reaction. When finished, it will spray water on the floor , and the player will get coins. This is possible after buying the Wash Cycle.


When the player goes through the door into the diner, a customer with a "!" means they have an order.

If they hit the selected button, they will take their order! If they serve them, they'll get coins and sparks.