The Muppets Most Wanted Playset is a Disney Infinity playset starring the Muppets.


While on a world tour, the Muppets find themselves entangled in the master plan of an infamous jewel thief, Constantine, the worlds most dangerous frog- who looks just like Kermit. You must put an end to his dirty deeds, while still putting on a good show on your tour by performing acts, doing crazy stunts, buying more rooms for different Muppet acts, and much more. An example of one of the missions is having to set up the show by finding wooden crates with things you need for the show. This mission's titled "The show must go on!"

Playset Pack

Kermit the Frog

  • Attack 1: a hard hit with his banjo
  • Attack 2: shoulder charge

Muppet "M" Playset Token

Miss Piggy

  • Attack 1: karate chop *insert obvious joke here*
  • Attack 2: shoulder charge

Sold Seperately

Fozzie Bear

  • Attack 1: pie throw
  • Attack 2: shoulder charge


  • Attack 1: a loud, ear peircing whistle
  • Attack 2: shoulder charge


  • Attack 1: bowling ball throw
  • Attack 2: shoulder charge


  • Attack 2: shoulder charge

Sweedish Chef

  • Attack 1: hits with multiple kitchen utensils
  • Attack 2: shoulder charge


Chest Prizes

  • Each character has 2 chests, and all prizes in each are selected randomly*
  • All NPC's
  • Gonzo's Super Cannon
  • Muppets World Tour Bus
  • Fozzie Bear Costume
  • Gonzo Costume
  • Walter Costume
  • Sweedish Chef Costume
  • Sweedish Chef's Food Truck
  • Kermit's Rainbow Connection Set


  • Muppets Sky
  • Muppets Texture Set
  • The Muppet Theater

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