The Alice in Wonderland Playset is a playset that takes you to Wonderland franchise. The Playset Token is shaped like a Hat, and the pack comes with Alice and Mad Hatter. Alice in wonderland play set


  • The background on the packaging is like the power disc!
  • Cheshire have a crystal figure!
  • That's the only play set who 2 character use the same weapon


  • Follow the Rabbit
  • Go to the Hatter house
  • Found 5 hats
  • Build a house to the dwellers
  • Found the rabbit's clock
  • Found the March Hare
  • Give tea to March Hare
  • Give a tea pot to March Hare
  • Join to a Tea Party
  • Paint a flower
  • Found Absolem
  • Save Alice's friends
  • Destroy the Queen of Hearts


Alice found the Rabbit and she came to Wonderland again,she found Mad Hatter and Cheshire waiting her,she came to Wonderland,now the others Alice's friends were arrested by the Queen of Hearts,she found Queen of Hearts looking to her and she found the rabbit,Alice,Mad Hatter and Cheshire have to found the others and destroy the queen!

Playable Characters


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