Otis is a cow and is a playable character in the Back at the Barnyard Playset.


Otis is a cow. He is colored white with black splotches, like most cartoon cows.


Otis is the son of his deceased father, Ben. After Ben dies following Dag the Coyote's attack, Otis takes charge and defeats Dag. In BATB, he is the leader of the animals and just loves to have a good.


Tool: Milk Squirter- Otis squirts milk from his utters. Like most Tool moves that involve a gun-type logic, you can aim it.

Pack: Beef Tenderizer- Otis punches once. Of course, it can be followed up by more punches. Hold it to use a charging uppercut like Mr. Incredible.


"Hey there! You ready to par-teh? Let's MOOOOOOVE!"(Being placed on the Base)

"Hey! It's been like, what, ages since you came back!" (Being placed on the Base and not being used for some time)

"And THAT'S called baddie tipping. Ha ha ha!" (When hitting an enemy)


"(through his teeth) Stop! Doing! That!" (Being hit 2)

"C'mon! What are we waiting around for? Let's go!" (Standing around)

"Hi there, Abby!" (Meeting Abby)

"Yo, Pip! My man!" (Meeting Pip)


  • Chris Hardwick reprises his role as Otis.

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