Paris Streets is an area in the Ratatoulie Playset


Players spawn outside of The Sewers area in front of a pipe. When you get to the actual street, there are cars driving on the street. These cars can hurt you, so watch out. There are also people on the street. This area also has day-night cycles. At night, neon lights give lighting, there more cockroaches, and more people. You can buy a clock at the toy store for 500 coins.

Trial Cooking Mini-Game

Outside of the restaurant, there is an arcade machine. If the player presses the corresponding button, they will start a mini-game, called Trial Cooking. If they accept, they will have 5 minutes to serves many people as possible. The people on the sidewalk must be brought into Gusteau's. They can be redirect to eat at Gusteau's by placing signs with the Sign Placer. When a customer walks in, a bar will appear. This tells you how filled Gusteau's is. If it fills up 100% of they way, the doors will not let anymore customers in. When 5 minutes are up, the tips you collected are translated into sparks and money. There are many differences between Fun cooking and Trial Cooking.

Differences include:

  • Faster cooking times.
  • Tips are awarded instead of sparks and money.
  • Customers order only 1 food instead 1 or more.
  • Customers walk in instead of already being there.
  • You must find materials for signs.
  • Signs cannot be customized.


The road starts at the spawn. As the player walks to Gusteau's they find a few cockroaches, as well as Remy's 1st Character Chest. They can slide to Gusteau's as well. About 1\2 way there, there are people walking on the street. At the end of the road, players will see the restaurant and may enter.

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