250px-375 Phantasmo
Phantasmo is a ghost experiment in "Lilo and Stitch: the series". He also appears as a downloadable playable character in Disney Infinity. You can play with him in the Lilo and Stitch Playset and in the toy box mode. 


(When spawned) - Boo! Just joking!

(When taking damage) - Oooooaaaaaaaah! That hurt!

(When meeting Lilo) - Ah, I love little girls for dinner!

(When spawned again) - Hello, again! I was so bored in that Coco!


He can turn into a tiki statue and hits and kicks. He also has a double jump in his regular form. He can also turn in Coco the parrot and becomes faster. He can turn in a traffic light and throw coconuts. But in his regular form he can't fight!


Chest Prize Location
Phantasmo Cocoshoot Behind Hula school
Phantasmo Coco's cafe At Mertle's house
Phantasmo Hapoleon hat In coco's cafe


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