09 Pinocchio
Character information
Name Pinocchio
Alias Pinoke
Franchise Pinocchio
Sex Male
Species Puppet
Relatives Unknown
Friends Jiminy Cricket
The Blue Fairy
Residence Prankster's Paradise
Pinocchio is the titular character from the franchise of the same name. He first appeared in [1], aired in 1940. He appears as a playable character in Disney Infinity, released in the Pinocchio Playset pack, alongside Patty and as a toy box exclusive character in Disney Infinity .


  • Pinocchio - A wooden boy puppet carved by Geppetto and turned into a living puppet by the Blue Fairy.


  • Packs Ability: Pinocchio with his nose grow. This can be useful for mazes to mark where you've already been.
  • Tools Ability: Pinocchio pulling the strings.


Cutscene Quotes

  • "Oh! Hello! My name's Pinocchio. Gee, I'm glad to see ya! And let's go to adventures if would be fun!" (first to enter Toy Box)
  • "Did you see that, no strings!" (encountering)
  • "Oh, gosh! (Laughs) And someday, I'm gonna be a real boy!" (taking damage)

Toy Box Quotes


  • Nick Carson reprises his role as Pinocchio in the game.
  • Pinocchio is the only character in the game without any attacks of his own. This is mainly because it was thought that fighting goes against his character. Because he doesn't attack, he has to rely on different Packs and Tools.

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