On the Ratatoulie playset, players must find ingredients, cook food, and more.


Remy and Emile have to help Gusteau's from going out of buisness. To do that, they must find better foods to cook, get matereials for signs and such, and bring in customers. They will get missions from Linguini, Remy's dad, and the other rats.

Toys, Characters, and Places.


These are the spice combos
X Basil Safferon Garlic Rosemary

Super Basil

Red Rose Spice Two-Way Herb Fresh Flavor

Red Rose Spice

Super Safferon Nice Spice Oragnic Enhancer
Garlic Two-Way Herb Nice Spice Super Garlic Tasty Parsley
Rosemary Fersh Flavor Oraganic Enhancer Tasty Parsley Super Rosemary


  • Remy
  • Emile


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