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The Lion King Playset is a play set pack in Disney Infinity featuring the Lion King franchise. The pack includes Simba, Timon, and a playlet piece shaped like Pride Rock.


The story follows after the first film, where the Pridelands are still trying to recover after the damage that Scar's rule caused. You have many missions in helping restore the land's former glory, by clearing away bones and fires, helping the animals, growing trees and plants, and driving out hyenas. The land slowly becomes better and better. However, as the land gets better, Zira and her outlanders are out to get revenge for Scar's demise. You must also fight them off, and defeat them once and for all in a boss battle on Pride Rock. The townspeople are African animals, such as lionesses, zebras, rhinos, giraffes, elephants, etc. You can collect bugs as currency to unlock tools that only Rafiki and Timon can use, famous landmarks like the Tree of Life, and special attack upgrades for characters that can't use tools. A Crystal Simba is also available.



Attack 1: Roar

Attack 2: Pounce

Chest Unlocks: Simba Costume, Hyenas, Elephant Graveyard Skull

Other notes: Simba can use some packs such as the Buzz Lightyear jetpack, but can't use weapons, and can't drive vehicles.


Attack 1: Punches, Kicks, and Karate Chops

Attack 2: Shoulder Charge

Chest Unlocks: Timon Costume, Timon and Pumbaa's Virtual Safari Jeep, Acacia Trees Pack

Other notes: Timon has all the abilities of most other Disney Infinity figures. When he rides Pumbaa, he gives Pumbaa extra power in his attacks, and Timon can control the tools.


Attack 1: Tusk Attack

Attack 2: Pumbaa Charge

Other Notes: Timon gives Pumbaa extra power and damage when he rides him. He has most of the functions of Simba. The only difference is that he can actually ride the Timon and Pumbaa's Virtual Safari Jeep (he can even ride it with Timon!).

Chest Unlocks: Pumbaa Costume, Jungle Trees, Prideland Animals


Attack 1: Rafiki's Stick

Attack 2: Karate Combo

Chest Unlocks: Rafiki Costume, Rafiki's Stick, Tree of Life

Other notes: Rafiki and Timon are the only ones of the figure set that can do all functions of the average Disney Infinity character. He can use other tools and packs, and drive all vehicles.


Attack 1: Roar

Attack 2: Pounce

Chest Unlocks: Nala Costume, Zazu Birds, Jungle Waterfall

Other Notes: Nala has the same exact functions of Simba.


  • Rafiki
  • Zazu
  • Zira
  • Kiara
  • Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed

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