The Sewers is a place in the Ratatoulie Playset. It is the main hub of the playset. This is inspired by the Ratatoulie video game where the main hub is the sewers. Remy's dad can be found in this area as a mission giver, as well as other rats that inhabit this place. As it does connect to Mabel's Cottage and Paris Streets, some areas are not yet accessible at the beginning of the game.


The player spawns at the center of the room, which is marked by a miniature rat city with cardboard boxes making up the rat's houses. Remy's dad can be found just west of the spawn. Some hazards include murky water, cockroaches, and fire cans.

Role Played

As mentioned before, The Sewers serves as the main hub of the Ratatoulie Playset. As the player progresses further in the playset, it changes in appearance.

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